Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Torey Pudwill Poppin like Corn

Torey Pudwill is one of the notorious new pros within in the same status as Malto, Mike Mo, and O'neil.  He is proving his dedication with the new Berrics Battle Commander part that he has been shooting for over a year now.  He filmed a few tricks last year but had Street League business to do, so now it is finally finished and it is more than anyone probably expected.  Huge pops, insane tech, and incredible style are just a few aspects to mention.  The only downside was his poor choice in music, but I will admit, I have never heard Lil'Wayne sound so good.  Check it out in the link below.

Torey Pudwill Battle Commander


  1. awesome dude. im about to check ur link right now!

  2. This reminded me of the times when I played Tony hawks pro skate xD