Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Rolled Ankle

Seeing as Street League is on hold and nothing important is happening, I was planning on uploading some of my own footage.  But that will have to be put on hold for awhile because of a sprained ankle.  For 10 years I've been pretty lucky and never had any ankle problems, until a week ago.  This is practically what happened to mine.
So besides healing up i still am lurking the Berrics and watching BATB 3.
On a side note Mike Mo Capaldi completely annihilated Jimmy Carlin in his match.


Thursday, May 5, 2011

Street League of Contest Skaters

When Rob Dyrdek put out of idea of this new league, it was supposed to consist of the best real street skaters, and not that regular group of X-Games guys who dominate park.  Now after the first league season ended, we seen that the contest skaters dominated as usual.  Nyjah Houston who does nothing but contest skate ended up taking overall first place, which was an outrage.  You have Chaz Ortiz, Ryan Sheckler, Greg Lutzaka, and arguably Chris Cole, but he gets some immunity in my opinion.  All of these guys are pure contest money boys, they have a strict set of tricks that they stick to and land almost every try.  When you see skaters like Marc Johnson, Mike Mo Capaldi, and Mikey Taylor, you see true innovation and variety with each try, not text book practiced tricks.

So far two street skaters have shown that they can make the cut against the money boys, and they are Sean Malto and Shane O'Neil.  Both have seemed to change a little bit with this league and may be shifting from that laid back street skating label everyone seems to give them.

Regardless the second annual Street League season this weekend is going to be very fun to watch.  I can't wait to see what everyone has changed from their game plan last season to hopefully make a better mark than they did before.  I am hoping that some of the underdog skaters will make it to the finals this time, especially Mike Mo.

The qualifiers that weren't aired last season will be webcasted this weekend.  So check it out.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Torey Pudwill Poppin like Corn

Torey Pudwill is one of the notorious new pros within in the same status as Malto, Mike Mo, and O'neil.  He is proving his dedication with the new Berrics Battle Commander part that he has been shooting for over a year now.  He filmed a few tricks last year but had Street League business to do, so now it is finally finished and it is more than anyone probably expected.  Huge pops, insane tech, and incredible style are just a few aspects to mention.  The only downside was his poor choice in music, but I will admit, I have never heard Lil'Wayne sound so good.  Check it out in the link below.

Torey Pudwill Battle Commander

Skate Analysis

The world of skateboarding is changing as it always has been.  Different breeds of skaters, contests, hardware, and companies are moving in and out of the scene.  Old pros fade away while the young up and comers start to dominate the scene.  This will be an outlet for a fellow skater to vent some feelings on what is going on in the skateboarding world, and also share some of his own.